Neither here, nor there, 2017

Digital print on paper, dimensions variable.

Ongoing project. 

Kinetic sculpture releasing bouncy balls on a sensor, 2017

Electronics, plastic tubing, mdf bouncy balls.


Exhibited in Seasons at Maxilla Space. 

Installed outside in the courtyard, the site was an old nursery. The bar was situated outside. The sensor was hidden; every time someone walked outside to visit the bar, the sensor was activated and a bouncy ball was released. 

The Sun's position in India at the time of the exhibition opening, taken with a Heliodon, 2015

A1 print on paper.

A Heliodon is a device for adjusting the angle between a flat surface and a beam of light to match the angle between a horizontal plane at a specific latitude and the solar beam. Heliodons are used primarily by architects and students of architecture. By placing a model building on the heliodon’s flat surface and making adjustments to the light/surface angle, the investigator can see how the building would look in the three-dimensional solar beam at various dates and times of day.