Things my friends have made, 2018

Installed on a shelf in 'Reading Room' as part of Royal College of Art Degree Show. 

Things my friends have made is a physical publication whereby each person was invited to submit something they had made, with no further brief implied. The people were not restricted to people that consider themselves artists. They each took on different roles in the artist's life.

Arlene Brain (Mother)

The Day We Say I do

Lewis Brain (Brother)

Head Full of Flowers

Nick Brain (Father)

How come none of us are famous at all?

Daisy Forster (Friend for 15 years)


Grandad Fred (Grandad) (Deceased)

Nano Gnome & Golden Oldie

Sophie Goodchild (Friend for 2 years)


Marta Lee & Anika Steppe (Friend for 9 months)


Elyn Middleton (Housemate)

Caught Up In This Big Rhythm 

Alice Stewart (Friend and colleague for 2 years)

Untitled (Circuit Board)