Too Much Information, 2018


Too Much Information is an exhibition by artists in their final year of study on the Sculpture programme at the Royal College of Art.

By filling the gallery to the brim, this exhibition challenges an essential limitation of the gallery space itself. Works suggest harmony or cognitive dissonance as artists offer an insight to their individual interpretation of ‘Sculpture’ as a strand of the visual arts, showcasing an element of their practice. TMI offers a new take on the group show, challenging the viewer to pick out narrative and strands that hold the exhibition together aside from the circumstances it has been created in.

Participating artists: Sam Baker, Melo Boerner, I-lang Cheng, Soirin Choi, Gregory Dunlop, Sarah Duyshart, Chloe Farrar, Jacqueline Felstead, Zhixuan Feng, James Fuller, Lucy Gregory, Adam Hines-Green, Naja Hendriksen, Tianyou Huang, Sijong Kim, Trine Lyngsholm, Lee Machell, Laura Milnes, Anna Noguchi, Robert Orr, Kwanwoo Park, Hannah Rowan, Lore Schuerman, Risja Steeghs, Wilma Stone, Hester Moriarty-Thompson, Sing Tam, Christopher Taylor, Masayuki Watanabe, Chloe Windsor, Camille Yvert

Curated by: Meg Brain, Emily Hale, Laura Luempert, Carlos Pinto

DSC00091 (1).JPG